Sundays in Haiti

[day 559]

Sundays in Haiti are my favorite.  Today we left super early which meant that on the 2 hour drive to Peltan, I got to watch as the sun rose over the Haitian hills and streets.  Most people may not think of Haiti as a gorgeous country--but it really is.  The raw beauty leaves me breathless. 

As did worshiping in Peltan.  The passion of our Haitian brothers and sisters is unparalleled.  It was great to come back and visit this community once again--the seventh year for Steph and the second year for me.  It was made even more special for me knowing that I will probably come back to this place every year--and it made celebrating our unity in Jesus even more special. 

Here's to Haiti--and the beautiful trip again, this year and beyond.

[Sunday, May 20, 2018]



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