Sweet surprise

[day 565]

Haiti never ceases to surprise me... and neither do the Haitians.  One of my favorite Haitians is Richard.  Richard is the preacher at the Peltan Church of Christ as well as an administrator at the Center for Biblical Training where we stay and work.  He is an incredible man of God who fiercely lives out the gospel in every area of his life. The whole team went out to his house today where he and his wife had so thoughtfully gotten us cake. It was a sweet... like actually SWEET... treat. After a little while I noticed Richard and his wife had gone outside so I went out to see what was going on. And wouldn't you know... one of his ministries is, surprisingly, offering Taekwondoe to those in his community.  He and his wife open up their property to their neighbors and have an instructor come and teach the kids about not only the discipline of taekwondo, but the importance of exercise and self. Richard, his wife, and their son all partake.  It truly did surprise me to see a taekwondo lesson happening in a backyard in Haiti... but once again, it never ceases to surprise (and amaze) me.

[Saturday, May 26, 2018]



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