Teach & Eat Rice

[day 561]

In Haiti, we teach and eat rice (maybe not always in that order). I loved going back to Peltan today to hear Day 2 of the women's seminar.  Once again, the Spirit led Steph as she walked with our Haitian sisters toward a better view of their body, mind, and spirit.  And once again, I stepped outside to see the cooks prepare our lunch.  The resourcefulness and resilience of the Haitian people never ceases to amaze me.  These three women prepared lunch for 85+ people each day outside in the yard by the church.  

After the workshop and lunch and a bit of time for Steph to soak up her favorite kids, we headed back to the Center for Biblical Training where we stay. The CBT is a preaching school that takes in 12 men from across Haiti every 3 years to immerse themselves in the study of the Bible as well as French and English.  These men are seriously impressive and will graduate in December and then go out in Haiti to lead their own congregations.  The men on the counseling side of the team have been working with them this week.  Today, they did The Human Knot experiential activity... and I am so thankful I got back to the CBT in time to capture it!

[Tuesday, May 22, 2018]



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