Unlikely chess mates

[day 374]

I walked out of the local coffeeshop this morning and saw a man, a frequent porch-dweller, reading a book with his always-handy chessboard set out. I got to my car and debated in my head about turning around and asking to photograph him. I have smiled and said hello to him before but I have sadly never stopped to introduce myself. You are probably thinking I turned around right then to go meet him because I posted just two days ago that I want to meet more strangers... but I didn't. Yeah, it is still outside of my comfort zone and I just wasn't feeling it. As I drove away, I remember I had forgotten to give something to a friend back at the coffeeshop so I turned around. I pulled back into the parking lot and immediately saw that a little boy had joined him at the table. I smiled to myself because I felt like I was given a second chance opportunity and I wasn't going to let myself miss it because I may not have been "feeling it." 

I grabbed my camera and approached the table. To my delight, I actually knew the kid. His name is Atticus. His mom is a friend of mine and I have photographed there family a couple of times. I turned and introduced myself to the man whose name is Willie. We had a little small talk, which included Willie informing me that he was trying to teach Atti how to play chess. I could tell this wasn't the first time Willie had tried to teach him how to play. Even though the game wasn't the smoothest, it was entertaining to observe the interaction of these two unlikely chess mates. 

[Friday, November 17, 2017]



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